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    350 x 350 x 266 cm

    Nature is a perfect place to enjoy a relaxing sauna, surrounded by a luxurious ambience. The refined deep brown of the terrace charms with its refined elegance on the outside, while the warm color of the heat-treated poplar creates a soothing interior atmosphere. The large front window opens to a pleasant view outside. Moreover, on the terrace, you can fully enjoy the surrounding nature.


    Technical Specifications

    Brand Auroom

    Series Auroom

    Seats 4

    Dimensions350 x 350 x 266 cm

    OutdoorNordic spruce wood, heat treated, brushed and painted

    IndoorHeat-treated poplar wood

    FacadeGlass facade + glass door or glass facade + wooden door

    heating Huum Core Wood 10.5 kW

    Lighting light

    Options and accessories Sauna kit (bucket and spoon, hourglass, thermometer, thermohygrometer), 5 aromas set, towel, hat, pillow

    Experience in the market for over 20 years

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    natura, sauna finlandează, sauna de exterior
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