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    197 x 150 x 195 cm


    Technical Specifications

    Brand Becker

    Series INFRA

    Seats 3

    Dimensions197 x 150 x 195 cm

    OutdoorCedar wood

    IndoorCedar wood

    FacadeBrown glass, transparent, 8 mm thick

    heating 8 pcs. heating elements, total power 2800 W

    bed Anatomically adapted for a comfortable stay, artificial leather upholstery, ergonomic backrest

    Lighting LED lighting located on the back of the sauna, with remote control

    Control panel with intensity control for all heating elements

    Structure Double walls of solid cedar planks

    Electrical required 230 V (single phase), 3 kW

    Other facilities Ventilation grill installed in the floor, Bluetooth audio system, 2 built-in speakers, elegant wooden handle

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